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Fruit drying solution for small capacity fruit processing factory

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banana lemon papaya drying machine

In a small-scale fruit drying factory, fruits into dried often have a series of difficulties. Such as manual slicing is low efficiency and ensuring consistency in dried fruits is difficult. Additionally, traditional drying way may compromise the texture and color of the dried fruits.

lemon Grapefruit slicing machine

The fruit slicing and drying machines solved these issues. It make the fruit slicing drying process easy. This not only saves time and labor cost but also ensures the consistency of the dried fruits.

fruit peeling machine
This fruit drying processing solution suitable for processing lemon, banana, papaya, onion, apple, vegetable and so on.

fruit pineapple slicing drying machine


Conventional drying methods usually overheating or excessive dryness of certain parts of the dried fruits, lose of the original texture. Then, fruit drying machines with heat pump technology, evenly heating the fruits. It preserves the original flavor and color of the fruits, enhancing product quality.

fruti vegetable drying machine

Due to its efficiency and high-quality product, processors can flexibly respond to market demands, introducing a variety of flavors and specifications for dried fruit products.

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