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Dumpling Stuffing Processing Solution

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Dumpling Stuffing Processing Solution

According to customer needs, we designed a 1500kgs per hour dumpling stuffing solution for a dumpling food production factory. From the layout of the workshop, the water and power to the arrangement of equipments.

Dumpling Stuffing Processing Solution Line

This dumpling vegetable processing solution include wahing peeling cutting carrots, potatoes cutting, king oyster mushrooms cutting and dewater, broccoli slicing and blanching, cabbage shredding, ginger cutting, garlic processing and leeks cutting.

vegetable washing machine
Because of vegetable cleaning, vegetable cutting and draining require a lot of wokers and time. The customer wanted to find a labor-saving and quick way to process vegetables for dumpling fillings.

broccoli blanching washing machine
Our engineers customize a one-stop solution for customers to solve problems such as cleaning, cutting and draining vegetables.
This processing line can be customized according to needs and also provides after-sales service for door-to-door maintenance.

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