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We will be Thailand Food Processing and Packaging Asia Exhibition

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We will be Thailand Food Processing and Packaging Asia Exhibition on 2024-1-31.

food processing packing


This year we present two peeling machines.

First one is a furit melon peeling machine, suitable for peeling pineapple, taro, coconut, papaya etc. Capacity about 120pcs/hour.

fruit peeling machine

Another is a large capacity commercial peeling machine, suitable for peeling mango, lemon, kiwi and so on. Capacity about 1000pcs/hour.

mango lemon peeling machine

Explore innovative solutions that redefine efficiency, quality and safety in your business operations. Witness captivating live demonstrations and gain valuable insights into new ideas to enhance your food production.
Let’s come together for bright future in food and packaging industry at Food Pack Asia 2024


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