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Baby Carrot Production Solution For Client

0 Published by 2024-05-07 17:25:41

baby carrot

Baby carrots, their petite size, looks like thumbs, and individual packaging make them stand out. Their cute shape and rich nutrients . The thicker ones are suitable for adults, while the thinner ones make perfect fruit snacks for kids.

But how do we get these mini fruit baby carrots?

baby carrot cutting machine

It's base on the baby carrot production cutting machine.
After being cleaned, the carrots are conveyed to a cutting production line, awaiting processing. 
The tiered cutting design is to slice carrots of varying lengths into uniform pieces, with minimal size deviations. The cuts are neat, comparable to manual cutting but with the added convenience of neat packaging.The cutting dimensions can be customized and adjusted. There are dedicated outlet for materials and waste, convience for collection and transfer.


According to the special needs of customer, our engineers also make appropriate suggestions. Both the functionality and cutting efficiency of the fruit carrot production line meet customer demands. From blueprint transformed into actual production equipment.

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